Welcome to the RUSTRALIA Servers Webstore

  • RUSTRALIA - Monthly - Pure Vanilla - No BP Wipes
  • RUSTRALIA - Fortnightly - Pure Vanilla - No BP Wipes

Our Rustralia Pure Vanilla - No BP Wipes servers are aimed to give players that totally vanilla experience, just without the grind of having your researched blueprints lose on a wipe.  

We have active admins monitoring the servers both in game and in the background via our own custom software.

All F7 reports in game are sent to a private discord channel, reviewed, and the player monitored.

In this shop, donation packages include the 'Queue Skip' and 'Next Map Seed Preview' which will be allocated to your steam and discord id on ALL Rustralia Servers. 

Read a little bit more below about the whole process:

How it works:
In the menu, you can see various categories and the category called 'queue skip' where you can donate for packages.

Once you decided which package suits you, click "View". A page will open again, where you have the following two options, please choose carefully:

  • Queue Skip - This is a one-time donation, the package is valid for 28 days for queue skip and early map access. After it expires you will have to donate again if you want to use it again. 
  • Lifetime Queue Skip - This is a one-time donation, and you will have queue skip and early map access on All Rustralia Servers for life. 
  • Queue Skip without Discord Access - Gifting a package to a friend? This package is valid for 28 days. You will need to fill his/her SteamID64 to gift it.  No early map access available while gifting as it requires connecting their discord you the queue skip.

When you have chosen your package you will be redirected to the checkout environment. Since this is an officially registered company we are required to collect your data. We are fully compliant with Australia's Privacy Act 1988  so you never have to worry about your privacy, everything is handled confidentially!

We currently offer PayPal only as a donation option.

When you have donated towards a package, it will be allocated to your Steam ID during your load in.

Thank you for your supporting our servers!